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Hiring for the 2023-24 Academic Year Is Now Closed

Information about hiring for the 2024-25 Academic Year will be posted in late Winter Quarter 2024.

You can learn more about the experiences of our current Student Assistants from the 2023-24 hiring posts on our Instagram (@calpolyscholars).



Applications open! 

  • Learning/Front Desk Assistant Application - Closed 4/2
  • Scholar Mentor Application - Closed 4/2
  • Assessment Assistant Application - Closed 3/26
  • Communication Assistant Application - Closed 3/26
  • Lead Scholar Mentor Application - Closed 3/26
  • Program Assistant Application - Closed 3/26

TIP: Type your responses in another document, then paste them into a newly opened application. If you have the application open for too long, the system may sign you out and not submit your responses. 

MARCH 2, 7:10 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. 'Info Session & Student Assistant Panel' via Zoom (watch the recording using passcode d0c2XN+5 )
MARCH 3, 2:10 p.m. - 3:40 p.m.

'Info Session & Student Assistant Panel' in Bldg. 52, Rm. E-26 

MARCH 26, 11:00 p.m.

Application closes: Assessment Assistant, Communication Assistant, Lead Scholar Mentor, Program Assistant

APRIL 2, 11:00 p.m. Application closes: Learning and Front Desk Assistant, Scholar Mentor
APRIL 10-14 (approx.) Interviews: Assessment Assistants, Communication Assistants, Lead Scholar Mentors, Program Assistants 
APRIL 24-28 (approx.) Group Interviews: Scholar Mentors, Learning & Front Desk Assistants
MAY 1 (approx.) Hiring decision notifications will be sent via email


What positions are available and what are the responsibilities?

There are possible positions that all include different responsibilities!

Assessment Assistants: Amplify Scholar voices through conducting and presenting findings from focus groups and surveys.

Learning & Front Desk Assistants: This is a two-fold position where Learning Assistants collaborate with instructor(s) to build community and engagement in University 100 for first-year Scholars. Learning Assistants are only a fall quarter position. Front Desk Assistants create a welcoming environment for all Scholars, staff, and guests and provide excellent customer service including answering questions, connecting students with resources, and troubleshooting issues that arise,

Communication Assistants: Manage social media, digital communications, website, and advertising.

Program Assistants: Plan workshops, social events, and educational workshops on topics such as health and wellbeing, career readiness, academic success, personal finances, and more.

Scholar Mentors: Build community and belonging among a group of new first-year Scholars as they navigate life at Cal Poly. Hold 1:1’s or group gatherings with mentees, provide social and academic support for mentees throughout the year.

Lead Scholar Mentors: Guide, train, and support a team of Scholar Mentors as they develop relationships with new first-year and transfer scholars. (*Only available to those who currently hold a position with the program.)

What is the time commitment and pay rate for each position?

Positions vary in time commitment and pay.

Scholar Mentors: Approx. 5 - 8 hrs/week, $15.50/hr

Learning & Front Desk Assistants: UNIV 100 (Fall only): 4 - 6 hrs/week; Front Desk (Fall-Spring): 4-10 hrs/week, $15.50/hr

Communication Assistants: 8 - 15 hrs/week, $16.00/hr

Assessment Assistants: 8 - 15 hrs/week, $16.00/hr

Program Assistants: 8 - 15 hrs/week, $16.00/hr

Lead Scholar Mentors*: 8 - 15 hrs/week, $16.50/hr

*Only available to those who currently hold a position with the program.

Training pay rate will be $15.50/hr (unless currently compensated at a different rate by the Scholars program).

Can I serve in more than one student assistant position with Cal Poly Scholars?

Since many of the positions are time intensive and we want as many Scholars to have leadership positions as possible, student assistants can only hold one position at a time on the Scholars Team. If you want to be considered for multiple positions, please fill out each appropriate application.

What are the requirements (GPA, academic standing, etc.)?

  • Be a current Cal Poly Scholar who is in good standing with Cal Poly and the Cal Poly Scholars program
  • Enrolled as an undergraduate student for the full duration of the 2023-23 academic year. Scholars in blended 4+1 programs who begin fall with undergraduate status will also be considered
  • Maintain good academic and conduct standing with the university throughout employment

How do I apply?

Use the links below depending on the position you're interested in!

*Only available to those who currently hold a position with the program.

Do I need to be a part of the Cal Poly Scholars program to hold a position?

Yes, you have to be a Cal Poly Scholar and started at Cal Poly Fall 2022 or earlier.

Who do I contact for questions?

For questions, please email You may also email the supervisor listed at the bottom of the application of the position you are interested in.

What is the timeline for the hiring process?

Applications will be live on March 1

Sunday, March 26: Applications for Assessment Assistant, Communication Assistant, Lead Scholar Mentor and Program Assistant are due at 11:00 p.m.

Sunday, April 2: Applications for Program Assistant and Scholar Mentor are due at 11:00 p.m.

Be on the lookout on our Instagram, Scholar Holler, and your Cal Poly email for more information. Applicants will be contacted directly if we're interested in scheduling an interview.


What if I have work-study... how does that work?

When you are hired, there will be forms to fill out to make sure the position counts as work-study! We will help you throughout the process to use your work-study.

Where can I learn more information on these positions?

We have information sessions you can attend to learn more or ask any questions you may have!

Information Sessions
Formal presentations clarifying the difference between roles and responsibilities, time commitment for the position, application timeline, and more!

Weren't able to attend an info session? No worries! We'll upload the a recording of our virtual session by Friday, March 3!

You are also more than welcome to email if you miss one of the information sessions!

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