Calendar of Events

Alternative Events:

Alternative events not hosted by the CP Scholars program may be counted toward CP Scholars requirements IF they are meaningfully relevant to the goals of the CP Scholars program.  Alternative events might include Career Services workshops, industry networking events, or outreach to future Scholars.  Participation in the Cal Poly Career Fair can not be counted as an alternative event.  However, attending Career Fair preparation workshops or industry networking events may be counted.

Scholars may receive emails from their program coordinator to notify them of upcoming alternative events.  Additionally, Scholars may contact their program coordinator via email to request permission to attend an alternative event of their choosing.  Alternative events must be approved through email by the coordinator prior to the event.  

Year 1 & 2 Scholars are limited to two alternative events counted toward their 4 event requirement.

To receive attendance credit for alternative events, students must complete this Online Reflection Form demonstrating how the event was relevant to the goals of the CP Scholars program.

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