Year 1 Scholar Mentorship and New Transfer Academic Coaching

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Incoming Year 1 Scholars

Year 1 Scholar Mentorship

As a Year 1 Scholar, you will have the opportunity to join our peer mentorship program for the duration of your first year.

We understand that there could be a lot of unknowns in your transition experience at Cal Poly, and our Scholar Mentors understand that too! Mentors are here to help you develop positive academic habits and study skills, teach you about the campus culture and help you find your niche, clarify university policies and procedures, direct you to campus and community resources and services, and be your biggest supporter!

When joining the mentorship program, you will be required to meet with your mentor at least once per quarter, for a total of three (3) meetings during the academic year – though most mentees meet with their mentor more! You could do a campus tour together, meet via Zoom or in person, or participate in different Scholar events.

Meeting with your mentor will begin in the fall quarter. You can expect a message from the program prior to the sign-ups beginning early August. Once you sign up, you’ll be notified of your assigned Scholar Mentor before the start of fall quarter. Stay tuned and check back on this site for more information this summer. We look forward to meeting you and hope to see your participation in our mentorship program! 

Incoming Transfer Scholars

Transfer Scholar Academic Coaching

As a New Transfer Scholar, you will have the opportunity to join our Transfer Scholar Academic Coaching program offered through the Transfer Center for the duration of your first year. 

We understand that there are many challenges transitioning to a new campus and our Academic Coaches know that too! Having a Transfer Scholar Academic Coach will provide you tailored peer connections from Transfer Scholars to guide you and support you in your personal transition to Cal Poly. With special focus on academic support and helping clarify university policies and procedures Transfer Scholar Academic Coaches can connect you to campus and community sources unique to your needs.

By joining the academic coaching program, you will be paired with a Transfer Scholar Coach who you will be required to meet with a minimum of once (1) per quarter for total of three (3) meetings during the academic year. These connections may include one-on-one interactions, small group gatherings, and/or participating in Scholars community events together.  

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