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"I love that I get to live with my fellow first-year Scholars! I have grown immensely close to some of them, who support me emotionally and academically."

                               — Kristina X., Business Administration, Cohort 2018



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"Being a Cal Poly Scholar means being held to a higher standard. This program motivates me to do and be better in my academics and on campus."

                                             — Melissa M., Biomedical Engineering, Cohort 2018



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"I can't remember my first and second years here without also thinking about Cal Poly Scholars. [It] is the reason why I felt like a part of the Cal Poly community."

                                             — Christine N., Accounting, Cohort 2015



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"Cal Poly Scholars matched me with loving roommates whom I consider as family. Our bond couldn't have been built without the help of Cal Poly Scholars connecting us for the first two years."

                                           — Tommy Y., Computer Science, Cohort 2017



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"I'm so grateful for the advising aspect, it helped me out a bunch. Cal Poly Scholars helped me realize that I needed to focus on school and provided me with the resources to keep me on track."

                                 — Christopher K., Computer Science, Cohort 2014



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"I love the Scholar Community Hour!"

                                   — Quinn M., Aerospace Engineering, Cohort 2016



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