How do I apply for the CP Scholars program?

CP Scholars is a financial aid award that also includes programming and support. In order to apply to be a CP Scholar, you must apply for financial aid by filing a FAFSA or CA Dream Application. If you apply for Financial Aid, you will automatically be considered for the CP Scholars program.

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What qualifications do I need to be eligible for the CP Scholars program?

In order to be eligible for the CP Scholars program, you must:

  • Graduate from a Cal Poly Partner High School
  • Enroll at Cal Poly as a first year freshman
  • Apply for financial aid and meet qualifying family income and Expected Family Contribution (EFC) requirements
  • Enroll in a Cal Poly major that has a CP Scholars program

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When will applicants be notified about admission to the CP Scholars program?

CP Scholars awards are part of the financial aid process. When you receive your financial aid package, usually in March before your freshman year, it may include the CP Scholars award.

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My financial aid award says I was chosen as a CP Scholar, what does that mean?

Congratulations! Being offered a CP Scholars award means that you have the opportunity to receive an annual scholarship award, a technology package, and programming and support as a student at Cal Poly. You should read the CP Scholars Student Agreement for the upcoming academic year and decide if the program is right for you before choosing to accept the CP Scholars award.

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I was offered a CP Scholars award, but I don’t want to live in the CP Scholars housing or participate in the program.

We understand that the program is not for everyone. The most important thing is that you have the college experience that is right for you. If being a CP Scholar doesn’t fit with your college goals, please decline the award using the online financial aid system.

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Am I required to live in the CP Scholars housing?

All CP Scholars are required to live on campus for their first two years of enrollment. First year CP Scholars are assigned housing together, in order to build a living-learning community. The housing facility that is chosen for first year CP Scholars changes from year to year, depending on the number of students enrolled in the program.

Second year CP Scholars are assigned to University Housing with other upperclassman students.

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I have concerns about living in CP Scholars housing. Who can I contact to learn more?

Please contact the CP Scholars Coordinator at 805-756-5195 or cpscholars@calpoly.edu. You may also contact University Housing directly at 805-756-1226.

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How many students are currently enrolled in the Scholars program?

The CP Scholars program grows each year. Currently, the program includes 200-250 scholars.

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What are the benefits of the CP Scholars program?

CP Scholars is both a financial aid award and a living-learning community that offers programming and support. As a CP Scholar, you will receive an annual financial aid award to help you with your college expenses, as well as a technology package that may include an iPad or laptop. More importantly, though, CP Scholars have access to programs, workshops, industry networking events, and a core team of advisors who get to know the students and support them from year to year.

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What events or workshops am I required to attend as a CP Scholar?

CP Scholars are asked to attend a certain number of events and workshops each year. We invite you to choose, however, which offered events and workshops are most meaningful for you. Examples of events and workshops include:

  • Scholars Welcome Dinner
  • Community of Scholars Luncheon with University Administration
  • iPad Training
  • Poly Planner, PASS, and scheduling support
  • Financial Aid info session
  • Industry networking events with Apple and Raytheon
  • CP Scholars outing to a Cal Poly athletic event
  • Social Mixers

Please refer to this year’s Program Expectations Agreement for details about how many workshops you might be expected to attend.

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Are there GPA requirements for Scholar students?

Cal Poly Scholars students are expected to maintain Good Academic Standing and demonstrate a personal commitment to academic excellence and scholarship. Scholars students must follow financial aid policies regarding academic achievement in order to stay eligible for financial aid awards. Additionally, the CP Scholars program has a personal goal of an average 2.75 GPA. CP Scholars students are expected to demonstrate their best efforts toward that goal.

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Will CP Scholars add more challenges or stress to my college experience?

Being a Scholar is an honor and a privilege. We expect CP Scholars to uphold the ideals of a scholar and to demonstrate personal responsibility and commitment to scholarship. That being said, we want this program to support you to be successful, not to add more stress or requirements to your college experience. We’ve designed workshops and events that we believe (and research shows) will help Scholars students to succeed academically and socially.

If at any time the CP Scholars feels like it is not supporting your needs, you are encouraged to contact the CP Scholars Coordinator at 805-756-5195 or cpscholars@calpoly.edu.

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What is the CP Scholars Coordinating Committee?

CP Scholars is a university-wide program that brings together different departments and programs on campus. The Coordinating Committee includes members from University Housing, Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Academic Services, Student Advising, and each of the colleges and majors that participate in the program. The Committee meets every other week to evaluate the success of the program and to plan services for Scholar students.

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Will I be able to study abroad if I am a Scholars student?

The decision to study abroad should be discussed with your academic college. Remember that choosing to study abroad may lengthen your time of study at Cal Poly beyond four years, and could increase the overall cost of your degree.

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What industry and career opportunities are available to CP Scholars?

CP Scholars in Years 3 & 4 of the program become more involved in opportunities and events through their individual academic colleges. The colleges attempt to plan workshops around leadership, career skills, networking, volunteerism, and internship opportunities relevant to your field of study. For more information about these opportunities, please contact the advisor in your academic college who is assigned to work with CP Scholars students.

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How can I get more information about the Scholars program?

Please feel free to call us (805-756-5195) or e-mail us (cpscholars@calpoly.edu) with questions or requests for additional information. Contact information for all program staff and advisors can also be found under the Staff & Advisors section of the website.

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