In Solidarity with Black Lives


Dear Scholars, 

The recent killings of George Floyd and others in the black community weigh heavily and painfully, and they are unfortunately only the latest in a history of violence against the black community. Their deaths compel all of us in Cal Poly Scholars to reaffirm our commitment to social and racial justice and our support of black students, faculty, and staff members in our campus community.

Cal Poly Scholars remains committed to the goals of fostering inclusivity, developing knowledge and skills, and building a personal network for success -- we commit to centering student voices and anti-racism as we further these goals.

We explicitly commit to:

  • Using an anti-racism lens for all Cal Poly Scholars-hosted events and workshops.
  • Integrating anti-racist resources into UNIV 100 curriculum for all incoming, first-year Scholars.
  • Participating in ongoing anti-racism training with all student and professional staff.
  • Critically examining program policies to reduce potential/unintentional harm to students who hold historically marginalized identities.

We acknowledge that these commitments are small steps in an ongoing practice of identifying systemic oppression and fighting for racial justice.

We are learning alongside all of you about the ways in which we can individually and collectively work to build a better more equitable future. We invite you to engage with the resources below. Let's grow together, call one another into the conversation, and be accountable to the fight as individuals and as a Scholars community.

We care about each and every one of you -- your safety, your wellbeing, and your right to exist and live free from racism and injustice. 

With love and solidarity,
The Cal Poly Scholars Team

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